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When life is good, we don’t think about how it could go wrong. That’s how life was for Jim and Haruko. Jim had a full-time job that provided health insurance for his family, allowing his wife, Haruko to work as a freelance translator with an unstable income stream and no benefits. They knew their kids were safe because they had health coverage for the unpredictable events, like their son Jacob breaking his arm while playing baseball. The only thing they weren’t covered for was Jim losing his job and their health insurance.

When Jim lost his job and started working at a new company that didn’t provide health insurance benefits, they needed to find new health coverage and find it fast. To do this, they turned to the Consumer Health Coalition to find the health coverage that was right for their family and to help them sign up.

“Cassie was the person that I talked to all the time,” explained Haruko. “And she went through with the process of the Healthcare Exchange. There are a lot of things that you have to go through before you are actually in the position to purchase. So that was a big help for me – being helped through all the processes.”

The Consumer Health Coalition is able to help simplify the process of signing up for health insurance, even when it’s complicated. For instances, Jim and Haruko signed up for health coverage a month before the open enrollment period for the next year. This meant that once they had chosen and obtained health insurance for the remaining months of the current year, they almost immediately had to submit more paperwork to choose coverage for the upcoming year. This was made more complicated when the first plan they had chosen was discontinued for the next year, causing them to have to choose all new options.

For help on this complex transition, Haruko once again turned to Cassie at the Consumer Health Coalition. As Haruko explained, “I talked about that with Cassie too and she kindly went through and called the exchange on my behalf, and tried to make things clear on when things needed to be done, what kind of documents I should be sending, should I call UPMC for the CHIP insurance – that kind of stuff.”

“It was a great help because I didn’t have to figure everything out for myself,” continued Haruko. “And she has a lot of information and experience working with the kind of problems I was facing, so she knew how to help me and point me in the right direction.”

If you need health insurance for you or your family, don’t wait to get coverage. The Consumer Health Coalition can help you find coverage that’s affordable for your income and provides for your medical needs. As Jim reflected on his family’s experience, he said, “If we didn’t have the health coverage, I don’t know where we’d be. The unexpected happens – like a broken arm.” Don’t be caught off guard by the unexpected. Contact the Consumer Health Coalition today by filling out the form below.

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About the Author: Gina DeAngelo